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Lake Charles, Louisiana





Monday - Friday 10 am - 6 pm

SAT 10 am - 2 pm





July 2016,

16 True Blue Dive Crew members enjoyed a week in Dominica exploring and discovering.

The group dove each day in the morning then found energy to hike to:

Titou Gorge, Trufalar Falls, Screw's Sulphur Spa, and Boiling Lake.







True Blue Dive Crew


Cher & Darrell Walker

Wade & Becky Boyett

Phyllis & Warren Ayo

Jeff & Joanna Walker

Royce Lucius

David Griffin

Celeste & Keith Boyd

Ann & Keith Kebodeaux

Kristi Dartez

Olga Watts



Dive Sites


Witches Point

Point Guinard

Dangleben's Pinnacles

Champagne Reef

Scott's Head Point

Dangleben's North

Scott's Head Drop Off


Swiss Cheese

Point Guinard Drift

D O M I N I C A  2016