5959 Common Street

Lake Charles, Louisiana





Monday - Friday 10 am - 6 pm

SAT 10 am - 2 pm





Come out to True Blue for a little bit, some of the time, or all the time.    A family filled weekend party doesn't happen by it's self, we need your help.  Come be a part of the adventure.  Swing by True Blue is week to get your ticket and sign up to help.  Below is a list of highlights




Join the True Blue Dive Crew for the

15th annual Christmas Party / Cochon de Lait

Friday, December 9  -  Saturday, December 10

Friday, December 9th

Friday night we encourage divers to spend the night either in a motorhome, trailer, tent, or bring your sleeping bag and sleep in True Blue's party room.   We'll have a Chili cook off, watch movies on an outdoor screen and keep the pig cooking all night long.


12N          Set Up roasting and camping areas

12-4 PM   Set Up campers, tents, motorhomes,  etc.

6 PM        Chili Cook Off Judged -Then we eat

7 PM        Outdoor Movies Start

9 PM        Karaoke Begins --get your song ready

11 PM       Movies Continue

All night    Those who can stay update keep the fire going


Saturday, December 10th

Saturday from 10 am - 2 pm is the big party where we finally get to taste the Cochon de lait.


7 AM         Breakfast served to those who stayed the night

10 AM       Party Starts

11 AM       Group Games Begin

12N          Group Photo; Awards;

12:30 PM  Pig off the Pit

12:45 PM  Lunch served

1:30   PM  Trey and April open their baby presents

2:00   PM  Pick up




Thank you, Grand Rental Station, (Dean and Susan Henagan) for donating the large tent for our weekend party.