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True Blue Watersports is proud to announce

 two new scuba staff members.


PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor,

Tara McNaylor


PADI Divemaster,

Leven Abshire


Both have work hard this past year assisting with pool sessions and True Blue Divers.

Thank you, Tara and Leven








Source:  Diversalertnetwork.org


A Guide to Good-Sense Diving




We divers are a fortunate lot. We can enjoy firsthand a part of the environment that most non-divers experience only vicariously — through television, movie or computer screens. We each have our own special motivations for diving, but one thing is common: we love our recreation.


Each year new and experienced divers alike from all over the world make millions of enjoyable scuba dives; and for the vast majority of the time, we make these dives without incident or injury. This is because as certified divers, we take our fun seriously: we have taken the time to learn safety guidelines to become conscientious and responsible divers, so we can keep on diving. And we talk about our dives, learning from our own — and others’ — experiences.


New divers can learn quite a few "good-sense" tips from other divers. This helps to prevent injuries and mishaps, and it illustrates the camaraderie of teamwork so widespread among divers.


Not all good-sense tips are scuba safety rules or guidelines, but they generally relate to basic principles every diver should know. DAN’s staff members have put together a collection of their good-sense tips based on their insights in scuba diving over their many collective years of experience.




If you’ve been diving for a while, or if you’ve just learned how to dive, there’s a lot to learn — and remember — about diving. You can start by remembering that each dive should be a SAFE DIVE, directly related to:






    Diving skills






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Photographs above were taken by Orsest Romaniuk, while diving at the

Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary in October.

Phillip and Tammy Gouthier just returned

from Pensacola Florida

True Blue trip to the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary

True Blue Dive Crew dove the LU-LU in

Gulf Shores, AL

Darrell and Cher hiked the

Grand Canyon Rim to Rim

& Earn a chance to win these prizes at True Blue For every $50 purchase you can throw a dart and win scuba prizes and enter a raffle for a Scubapro Chromis Computer, Scubapro MK2/R190 Regulator, and much more…….

This week's WINNERS.....

Jerry and Robin Longest

won a BCD Hanger & a Scubapro Dry Bag.

John Mekins

won a Scubapro T-shirt


Thank you to all the True Blue Divers that attended the Picture Party.  What a fun evening and great presentation by Orest Romaniuk!

Billy Finley won an Accent Subgear BCD, Tuesday, October 27









True Blue is proud of our own,

 PADI Master Scuba Diver Instructor, Ryan Mareno.



This past week, Ryan was certified as an Underwater Criminal Investigator, he is 1 of only 3 instructors certified to teach this course in the USA.


For more information, visit www.ucidiver.com

We don't just teach swim lessons at True Blue Watersports, we teach life skills.  Like learning to swim in clothes in case of accidentally falling in open water.  It's not easy.





















September 18-22

Join the True Blue Dive Crew for a dive adventure!