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September 18-22

Join the True Blue Dive Crew for a dive adventure!












Up Coming True Blue Events/ Continuing Education




Rescue Diver Course:

Sept.  10, 11, 16, 17

6 - 9:30 PM

















PADI Search and Recovery Specialty

September 30

5:30 pm  YOGI  Bear















Emergency Oxygen Provider

PADI Course

September 23

6pm at TBW

















Tue Blue Dive Crew Picture Party

Thursday, October 23

6pm at TBW


























Photograph taken

 by Ricky Stackhouse in Kona, Hawaii

Whitemouth Moray

Hawaiian Day Octopus




20 True Blue Divers had an incredible weekend diving the

Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary.

Thank you, Leven Abshire, for the cool video, and

Orest Ramaniuk, for the photographs.













Look what True Blue Divers are doing ....

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Frog Fish of Ambon, Indonesia photographed by

True Blue Diver, Orest Ramaniuk.