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Monday - Friday 10 am - 6 pm

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PADI Rescue Diver Course ----Next Rescue Course June 22-24 and October  16-18


          Registration is now open for Kid's Scuba Camp!


Kid’s Scuba Camp

June 15 - 19

 July 13-17


8:00 am - 3:00 pm

  Ages 8 - 13


How is a shark and whale shark different?

How does an octopus escape a predator?

Is coral a plant or animal?

What gear is needed to scuba dive?

What's the number one rule of scuba diving?


These are the type of questions we’ll answer at True Blue's scuba summer camp.  It’s for children (8-13) who love water & the creatures that live there! The Scuba Camp curriculum focuses on: improving swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving,  studying marine biology, & having a blast with lots of games and hands on activities related to marine life.



$259 per child includes:  28 hours of learning, snacks, lunch, art projects, camp booklet, group swim lessons, scuba diving, AND EACH CHILD GETS TO THEIR OWN MASK, FINS, SNORKEL TO KEEP!



   Scubapro's newest computer:




Human Factor Diving™ is an exclusive SCUBAPRO approach to equipment design that combines Human Factors & Ergonomics  (an engineering doctrine that focuses on the interaction between products and the people who use them), Biometrics (the science of measuring and analyzing a person's biological data), and Wearable Technology (gear designed to be worn on the body) to create high-tech scuba diving products that are compact, easy to use and, MOST importantly, provide detailed "real-time" self-tracking reports on how your body is functioning, both on the surface and at depth, so you can get the most out of your body, out of your dive, and out of your life.


True Blue Divers, Diving ...... What are you doing?

True Blue Dive Crew Members,  Betsy and Joe Roy  are diving in Tiputa, French Polynesia this week.