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Lake Charles, Louisiana





Monday - Friday 10 am - 6 pm

SAT 10 am - 2 pm







Rescue Diver Course

April 10, 11, 12


Join the adventure and learn to:

    Self rescue

    Recognizing and managing stress in other divers

    Emergency management and equipment

    Rescuing panicked divers

    Rescuing unresponsive divers

















Texas Parks and Wildlife Department requests all local divers to complete an online diver survey entitled: “Economic Impacts from Recreational Scuba Diving on Texas’ Local Economy”.


Below is the link to the online individual diver survey.




This survey is completely anonymous and open to any certified scuba

diver, including yourself. This survey will be available until 2 May,

will take you approximately 10 minutes or less, and is intended to

reach as many certified scuba divers as possible so your efforts to

distribute this are greatly appreciated.


    This is life at Yogi Bear / Little Lake Charles RV Park .... We certificate open water students here and complete check out

          dives for continuing education courses such as Search and Recovery, Rescue Diver, and Underwater Navigation.

Dive in   C  O  Z  U  M  E  L        with the True Blue Dive Crew

JUNE 12-16

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Look what our True Blue Divers are doing this month!

The above photographs  were taken by Orest Romaniuk during a trip to Mexico