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Lake Charles, Louisiana





Monday - Friday 10 am - 6 pm

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True Blue Dart Board  Challenge RULES:


1.  Throw 1 dart for every $50 spent on merchandise.


2.  If there are multiple throws, you can choose which prize

     you keep.


3.  Every $50 spent allows you to enter the raffle for a

     grand prize.

      Computer Raffle:  December 1

      Regulator Raffle: December 22


4.  If you completely miss the board, you have to sweep the

      front porch.


 Earn a chance to win these prizes

True Blue Light Special

Dive Shade Sunglasses


Retail $ 35

Leisure pro $ 25




Sunglasses for Divers

Congratulations, Port Arthur Fire Department for earning your

PADI Public Safety Diver Certification.


   Joe Roy photographed these images in Little Cayman.



Thank you to all the True Blue Divers that attended the Picture Party.  What a fun evening and great presentation by Orest Romaniuk!







Look who had to swept the porch,


Tara McNaylor's fantastic pumpkin.


   One step closer to the Master Scuba Diver Challenge.


   13 True Blue Divers spent a morning at Yogi Bear learning to

   search and recover items, using lift bags,  improve buoyancy

   control and understanding their compass. Way to go:

   Joelle, Kim, Andrew, Dan, Ian, Theresa, Daniel, Heather,

   Jacob, Dylan, Jacob, and Trey!



The research team at the Center for Hyperbaric Medicine and Environmental Physiology at Duke University Medical Center conducted a study of breath-hold diving in 2005. Breath-hold diving has been practiced for many centuries both as an occupation and for recreation.


Hyperventilation is the most common method implemented to extend breath-hold duration, but with breath-hold diving arises the risk of loss of consciousness from hypoxia. Breathing oxygen prior to breath-hold diving can prevent hypoxia. This breath-hold project studied the effects of hyperventilation, work, breathing mixture and dive depth on immersed breath-hold duration.


The primary objective of this study was to increase breath-hold time to a maximal safe level without danger of loss of consciousness or functional incapacity due to hypocapnia, hypoxia or hypercapnia. This is to be developed as an operational procedure for use by military divers. A secondary objective was the generalized study of the physiological effects of hyperoxia, hypoxia hypercapnia and hypocapnia as they relate to breath-hold diving.


See Divers Alert Network for more information about the study.







Look what True Blue Divers are doing ....

Send your photos to cher@truebluewatersports.com
















True Blue is proud of our own,

 PADI Master Scuba Diver Instructor, Ryan Mareno.



This past week, Ryan was certified as an Underwater Criminal Investigator, he is 1 of only 3 instructors certified to teach this course in the USA.


For more information, visit www.ucidiver.com