5959 Common Street

Lake Charles, Louisiana





Monday - Friday 10 am - 6 pm

SAT 10 am - 2 pm










 Friday, June  3       3 pm -  9 pm

 Saturday, June 4    8 am -  7 pm

 Sunday, June 5      8 am -  7pm


This course is for confident “water people” with some swimming background  at least 15 years old .



Thank you, Alan Young, for putting together a fantastic time lapse of the

Pirogue Building Contest.


The True Blue Divers, Flamingeaux team,



1st place for Pirogue Building

 1st place for best decorated



 American Red Cross Lifeguard Certification +

19 True Blue Divers are in the Florida Keys diving this week.  Erik and Amy flew to the Keys others made the drive.  This is their view for the week.